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Halloween Contest Entry

Haha, I was so afraid I wasn't gonna make it in time.. If it wasn't for my school trip, this cutie would have gotten done long ago.. Anyway! I finally finished my entry, and I feel a random urge to explain some things before I show it. ^^" First... I've had the idea the same day the contest rules were out, but it took some time for me to find out how to make it work. The idea of sewing scares me, since it always turns out awful. I decided to use things I'm better at, such as painting. And so, I grabbed my materials and all I knew about impressionistic paintings (since I totally copied the style and then ruined it xDDDD) and started working. It's not half as impressing as some I've seen, but the character doesn't have much uh... clothing. So yeah. xDDD

So without taking your time any longer, I present to you one of the most iconic Video Game characters, one most of you have seen at least once, even if you have no frigging idea who the hell he is! Or should I say it? xDDD He/it's big, strong, creepy, and your bullets aren't enough to make a scratch on...uh.. him!


Also known as Caterpy-ramid Head for the ones who have some serious trouble figuring the joke out. xD
Ain't he cool? 8D He's got the Great Knife with him, and he even comes with a Silent Hill setting (which was a pain to find and I don't really think it's from Silent Hill 2 but SH! You saw nothing.)!

His Pyramid Helmet is made of one piece of paper made into an... origami-thing. The only place where it has been glued is on the sides to keep them together, but they'd stay together either way, it's just me being a coward. His apron is made of some really bad piece of cloth I found on my mom's workplace (thanks mom for letting me use it!) and his Great Knife is made of cardboard paper. Everything has been painted with Acrylic paint, including the silver part of the knife. About 3 colors were used to get the right tones for the blood spots and they were blended with the rest of the objects using even more Acrylic paint. (Yes, I need more red paint now) In order to keep his Pyramid in the right place for the photos, I put some needle-like things to keep it stuck in his head. Many brushes were harmed in the making of this. I'd guess about four. The background is an image printed on paper, then glued on the top-cover-forgot-the-name of a shoebox which was then painted black to match it. The base is a brown piece of cloth. I don't think there's anything else to explain. xDDD

Edit: Adding a reference of the original character for comparision.
On the left is the version from the game, on the right is the movie version. I've based myself on the game version, as the character makes much more sense in it and has more 'life', if you know what I mean. I just thought I'd show both to clear this up. Pyramid Head, also known as the Red Pyramid Thing, is a character from Silent Hill 2 (which makes appearances on other games but with less of a role) and does definitely not belong to me. I'd never make such a cool character. xD

If you read all that, you're awesome. I don't have all that patience. And if you're curious about the making of this baby, I have some more photos (including close ups of the Great Knife) on the album here:

I don't know if I was allowed to use a background like that but uh... Let me know if it's not and I'll use a different photo for the entry. Thank you all for looking, I hope you like it and find it as fun as I did! I sure loved working on this, and I think it looks creepily cute, so I hope you think so too.

Enjoy! And good luck to everyone else participating on the contest, your entries are all amazing!
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