acidmimi (acidmimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

..Uhm Guys

God I hate to post this
But My stupid mom isn't letting me mail my stuff until i get my stuff because she doesn't wanna see me get ripped off which i told her I won't but she doesn't beleive me
and I now I feel liek you guys are ognna think im trying to rip you all off ;n; *feels really bad*

See i tried to get my friend to mail the stuff out because he can drive and i told him not to let my mom see it because yeah

and im paying for the shipping and its my stuff so it should be up to me shouldn't it? But yeah once I get my stuff I'm allowed to mail it out

God Im so sorry guys I feel liek crying I don't want you too feel like your being scammed and this is my first trade post and everything I don't want a bad reputation already ;n; im really sorry guys I promise you will get your stuff

Im really sorry ;n;
Tags: info
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