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Collection Update and sales post!

Oh Walmart has wonderful things sometimes.

Bought two of these. Those were the only ones there so I kept one for myself and bought another to auction off here. :3

Danielle bought me the Frost Deck and some Cherry Blossom bath wash at Walmart.

Cute Darkrai figure from Walmart.

Mewtwo Tin from Walmart

Mewtwo from the tin and Glaceon from the Frost deck.

Jolteon and Eevee from the Frost Deck(dont ask why...)

Also mini sales post!

All are brand new, perfect condition!

Rise Of Darkrai Manga - Highest Bid: $5 (chatsy)

Gliscor - Starting Bid: $2
For Sale - Wynaut: $2, Water Energy: $1

Non-holo Rares: $1.50 each

Holo Uncommons: $1 each

Commons: $0.50 each

All Auctions will end October 20th.
Shipping for Cards is $1
Shipping for other items in US: $3
Shipping for items outside US: $6
Tags: collection, darkrai, eevee, glaceon, jolteon, mewtwo, pichu, pikachu, sales
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