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Some custom stuff!

Hey everyone! I haven't posted here in ages, think it's been like half a year or so. I've slowed down on my collecting quite a bit, although I think that's mostly because there haven't been any new Helioptile plush, and with X/Y almost a thing of the past now I don't believe there will be too many more.

Anyway, I come today with a quick request: I'd like to buy an Espurr Pokepuff plush to give to my sister for Christmas. I was hoping that the Pokemon Center would have them up before Christmas, but despite having some of the merch from the promotion on the website, they don't seem to actually have the Pokepuff plush, and with the holiday shipping deadlines quickly approaching I'm not confident that they will. MWT would be preferred but I can also make do without the hang tag. Bought, thanks!

On another note, I have a few custom things which I obtained during my absence, none of which I thought were individually worth posting about, but since I'm here, why not show them off?

First up, I managed to commission sewgoods a while back for a large-sized Heliolisk! I actually didn't expect it to be so large, haha, I guess "2 feet" is really large when you factor in that he's sitting down and has a really freakin long tail. He's got a frill which can open and close with the help of snaps, and a mouth that can open and close. I'm super happy with him <3 Even if he is gonna take a lot of space in the car when I have to move in half a year...

I also made something for myself:

I made a Breloom plush because it's one of my longtime favorites but has virtually no merchandise. I think I figured out why Breloom doesn't have any plush though, it's really really hard to get the cap to maintain its shape, and as you can see I certainly didn't get it perfect. Lots of imperfections all around but I'm still moderately happy with how it came out, it's still pretty cute overall, haha. Look at that adorable face <3

That's all for now, thanks for reading!
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