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A much wanted get!

Hey guys! Just here to share about my package that arrived in the mail today, all the way from Japan! (Lol, when I came home from school, my mom was all like "You ordered this from Japan?!" Apparently she hasn't realized that a very large portion of things I order online come from Japan. :U) Much thanks to moonliteumbreon for the help with finding the one pokedoll I've always wanted!

Who is this pokemon you ask? See for yourself under the cut!


It's the package! Time to see what's in here! Well, of course I know, but you guys don't! Or at least most of you. Actually, you may be able to tell if you read the... uh, nevermind. I don't want to give too many hints for those of you who can't tell already!


*Insert squeals of excitement here*


Oh, right. I forgot that there would probably be a bag within a bag. I was buying this at Yahoo Japan and had to use a middleman service. So basically, the pokedoll's packaged by the seller, then packaged again by the service. I suck at opening these kind of packages neatly though.


Dang, this sure is a lot of packaging.


...And a plastic bag! So it's a bag within a bag within a bag within a bag? That's some Bag-ception right there. This pokedoll better not be another bag, lol. Now on the other hand, if I had ordered some kind of bag...

Oh, whatever. Can you tell who it is by now? Or should I say, "Who's that pokemon?!"


It's Serperior!

Yes, my dream pokedoll, Serperior, is finally here. I'm probably going to call him after my Snivy I'm training, named Kyle.

Kyle's really soft! He's big, too, being a DX pokedoll.


Snivy and Servine meet a new friend!

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