Orion (pogaf) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush sales prices lowered! + Any TCG Needs?

I still have a ton of lovely, soft, cuddly plush on my sales post!
Prices have been lowered 10-20% for quick sale!
Don't make me eBay these babies

They'd make lovely holiday gifts for that special Poke-collector in your life ;D

Click on any picture to be transported to the original post!

I also have a good amount of cards from the Phantom Forces expansion set that I haven't had time to make a sales post for.
If you need any cards (mainly common, uncommon, rare, but I have a few holos) from PF or Furious Fists/FlashFire, let me know and I can check for you!
Basic prices are always $0.10 for C, $0.25 for UC, $0.50 for R, and holos fluctuate!
Tags: cards, eeveelution, plush, sales, tcg
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