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Collection update and le help

Its time for another classic tongue filled collection update by G-manluver

Well first of all, after much waiting, I finally received my lickitung kid. I believe this is the old version (from Randomflavor). I also caught this lickilicky keychain charm(from iridescentfox?).
And yay! I finally got around to getting the lickilicky TOMY figure, well actually... its a booty but I love it all the same (75 cents for a bootleg vs 7 dollars for the real thing. I think I won here!).
Lastly I got this huge lickitung I made with a floam rippoff. It wasn't meant to be part of my collection because I THOUGHT the floam stuff didn't dry out but apparently I was wrong.

Furthermore, I got a new artpiece for my collage. I can't remember which of the two people members here that sent it to me ;^;

My collection all together!
Now for the help part, I'm trying to add more items to my licki wishlist. So if anyone sees something that isn't part of my collection to date I'd be happy to know.
But two things:
-I don't want anymore items that are in the same pose as the TOMY lickilicky figure (unless its an amazingly bad bootleg or otherwise different looking thing).
-I'm also not huge for flat items, so I don't really want every single sticker or card unless its unique art on it (ie: not just the typical sugimori stereotype art). So if something fits under these two things you don't need to mention it.
Tags: collection, lickilicky, lickitung
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