kendall4356 (kendall4356) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Christmas Wants!

I have a massive collection update coming soon, but for now I'm looking for some things to complete my collections :3
I also bought another bookcase because my other 2 have run out of space O.o

My post was too big so most of my wants are under the cut :P

Grails: DX Treecko Pokedoll + Zigzagoon UFO Plush

Zukans: Pidgey Line, Rattata Line, Zubat Line, Psyduck Line, Mankey Line, Abra Line, Machop Line, Tentacool Line, Hitmonlee/chan Line, Koffing Line, Goldeen Line, Aerodactyl Line, Togepi Egg Line, Pikachu Line, Charmander Line

Others: Flaaffy, Krokorok Kid, Female Meowstic, Articuno Pan Sticker, Vileplume Plush

Pokedolls: Oddish, Minky Vaporeon, Spheal, Shiny Raikou, Shiny Suicune, Butterfree, Natu, Wooper, Altaria, Houndour, Corsola, Cresselia, Corphish

TCG Decks: Koga, Blaine

All pictures taken from Google. If a picture is yours and you don't want it on this post I will be happy to remove it :)
Tags: abra, aerodactyl, alakazam, arcanine, articuno, banpresto, beedrill, blaziken, cards, crobat, espeon, flaaffy, golbat, goldeen, golduck, hitmonchan, hitmonlee, hitmontop, kadabra, kids, koffing, krokorok, machamp, machoke, machop, mankey, meowstic, mew, mewtwo, oddish, pidgeot, pidgeotto, pidgey, pikachu, pokecen, pokedoll, pokedolls, pokemon center, primeape, psyduck, raticate, rattata, seaking, spheal, tcg, tentacool, tentacruel, trading, treecko, tyrogue, vaporeon, wanted, wants, weezing, zigzagoon, zubat, zukan
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