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Everything from the Firefox GA has been shipped if you sent in payment! I'll be going over and giving back feedback tonight! Participants and people who commissioned me: thanks for all of your patience! orz

And now it's time for Christmas sales since I'm running out of space x___x



- I was granted sales permission in June 2014 by Allinia.
- I ship from California, USA packages start @ $2
- Tracking is automatically included in USA packages.
- I ship internationally as well, international packages start @ $4.30 and will get pretty high for heavier items.
- I used to ship very often but please excuse me for shipping in a strange pattern these days! :c I will let you know when something ships though and I will ship immediately if you need it for Christmas. I ship around 1-2 times a week now for USA packages and I only ship around once a week for international packages.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages, priority mail comes with tracking + insurance but it is not the default choice for ALL items (only the bigger ones). Please tell me if you would like priority mail or first class!
- I ACCEPT HAGGLING! At this point in Xmas I really need this stuff out.
- I will hold items as long as you are committed, backing out of any committed items will result in a negative feedback ;_; sorry!

- Commitment gets priority over quotes, please be clear, commitment is "I will take ______ to ______"please provide zipcodes or area for quotes! ;v;
Feedback is found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kurukimi/

PLEASE CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR LARGER PHOTOS!! Don't hesitate to ask for more photos of something!

13" Talking Pichu plush - still has its talking box! Can be shipped with or without a box. MIP -- $30 OBO
2005 JPN Velboa Eevee Pokedoll (Really loved condition :: no tears or rips but needs a little bath, Tushtag ONLY, "had an 's' sticker but it was pulled off by little kids .__. so now it's just a sticky residue of a circle sticker qq) - $12 OBO (questionable authenticity but the seller is a reputable seller and told me it was authentic since he bought it from Japan himself)
2012 Espeon Placemat + Coaster NIP - $12 OBO
Amaura JPN Plush - $13 OBO
2012 Vaporeon PC Plush -- $20 OBO

Thank you~

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