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Reintro + a rare (?) pika item

Hello PKMNcollectors, long time no see :) just a quick reintroduction here, as it's been a long time since I've actively posted and I'm sure there are lots of new faces.

My name is Plooshy, I've been a community member since 2010 (I think) and uh, well, I guess I like collecting Pokemons. I was first referred here by a friend on deviantART, where I've been selling Pokemon customs for the last 6+ years, and since then this group of Pokecollecting enthusiasts has become one of my favorite communities on the web. I've met buttloads of incredibly nice, supportive people here, and lots and lots of you guys have contributed to my little shelf of goodies and my overall love for Pokemon in general. I've been a lurker for a while now, but now that I'm home again I'd like to at least contribute here and there when I can. :D

Also I have this sweeeeet Pikachu get I thought might be interesting to the Pikacollectors on the comm.

photo 5 (1) - Copy


My humble collection. Note how shiny my 3DS looks with those 'saurs sitting on it. 8D


MEWS because one can never have enough mews.


My baby Toges.


So I have this thing for turnips ... huehuehueh


And last but certainly not least, my derpy Spinda collection. The Spinda zukan has to be one of the coolest zukans ever made ♥


So. The last thing I wanted to put in this post was something I came across pretty recently that I thought might be interesting to some of you guys. I am thinking about selling it, but I have no idea how much it's worth or if there's enough interest to try to do an auction. So please, if you are interested or know anything about this item's general value, leave a comment saying so! It'd be very much appreciated! ^^

Also, to avoid any potential rule-breaking, I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched July 2014 :)

Without further ado ... I give you ... the Pikabrella! :D

photo 1 (2)
photo 3 (2)
photo 5 (1)

This thing is very legit and in great condition considering it's age. Hang tags are still attached (a little bent and worn) and the face/Pokemon logo on the umbrella have almost no scratches or damage. According to the tag it was made back in 2000 by a company called Berkshire for a special edition collectible set called '3-D Umbrella.' I can't seem to find anything other information, other than there may have been a few other versions made like Mewtwo, Poliwhirl and Bulbasaur.

And yeah, you can totally push the button on the pokeball. :D win.

In short, I have no idea how much this thing is worth or if there are any avid Pikachu collectors looking for it. If it looks like there's a little bit of interest I will put it up for sale and possibly auction in a bit ;).

Thank you for reading, and leave a comment with your thoughts, realizations or spur-of-the-moment one-liners! :D later!
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