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✿ Updated Sales and Now International Shipping!! (And a special new get!) ✿

Hello everyone!


I'm so excited today because i can finally ship internationally!! :D
I also finally listed the rest of my items i want to sell! (Except the clearfiles which appear to be hiding from me... >.> )
Anyhoo, there are tons more plush including eeveelus, mew, pichus, and so many more! I also found a bag of kid figures that i listed.
Please let me know if you feel i have something priced incorrectly! I'm still having a hard time finding the values of some things.

✿ I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia
✿ My feedback is here: Clickity Click!

Click the Spinda to be transported! :D


Now for the special get!


A Hasbro Poochyena!!! Can you believe it!
(I am way too excited for the holiday fun this month!)

Look at his cute little mohawk butt!! So precious! I found him in a lot on Ebay and i was so surprised and happy that i won! I never thought i'd see one for sale and actual not have to empty my entire wallet for him. xD I know there arent too many poochy pooch plushes.
Here are some other recent gets as well! They all came in the lot with poochy except vaporeon. c: There were others in the lot as well, but they ended up in my sales post above.

Thank you all for looking!!! :D
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