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Collecting Snivy/Servine/Serperior!

I've been planning on building up a snivy/servine/serperior collection. They're some of my favorites, and hold a pretty deep meaning to me. How, you ask? It's a long story most probably wouldn't want to read. I'll tell you anyways under the cut.

I first got into the pokemon games during gen IV, but I didn't get one of the main games until gen V. I was planning on picking oshawott as my starter, but I then had some trouble deciding and picked Snivy, instead of going with the plan my brother wanted to go with (Him picking Snivy and me picking Oshawott.). He then got frusturated and picked Oshawott instead, but as we played through the games he got used to his choice, and started to really love that water starter line. He now makes a habit of picking water type starters. Ever since that, I also made the habit of picking grass type starters.

My snivy was named "Sniver" (Original, I know. I was like, twelve or something then.) but I ended up losing Sniver when I regrettably restarted my game without transferring him and a bunch of others to another game. Years later, I did this one nuzlocke challenge in the game, picking a Snivy named Vincent as my starter because I missed having a Serperior. He did really well, and was one of my best team members until I lost him at the very end of the story. I legit cried. I guess you can say I'm over-attached to pixels on a screen. ;n; Now I have a new member of that line, in my Omega Ruby game (Nuzlocking it too. I'm being extra cautious this time.). His name is Kyle!

So, enough with the story, onto the collecting part! I'll use this post as a sort of checklist of the merchandise I've already got, and to also show what I'm currently searching for. The list isn't here right now though. I'll add the list once I've compiled it.

What I'm currently searching for is under the cut!

Serperior Kid Figure --> For some reason I can't seem to find anyone who's selling it! If you have one you're willing to sell, please let me know! - Thanks Marphoria!
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