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Contest Entry


i hope i am not to late. it is always last mintue for me. this contest has been going on for about a month and here i am posting on the last day possible.....with no good excuse as to why. ANYWAY, i hope my entry isn't to lame or dumb. i can't sew and i am not the creative. but, i really wanted to enter this contest. so here is my entry:

This is if you can't tell Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Togepi as ghosts. i was going to go with a whole story that the pokemon "made their own costumes so that is why they are so bad", but i will be trueful and say i made them. like i said i am not that creative. i hope everyone enjoys the picture anyway:)

**edited 10-16-08: i forgot to say that brother is the one who took this picture:)
also, i didn't even think to click on the image! i don't know if anyone else did. the picture is actually a LOT bigger. so if you want see the pokemon better, click the image:D


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