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The Darkrai Family [and friends] Do Halloween!

I've been meaning to make my entry for the contest for awhile, but I just never got around to doing what I initially planned. However, I did have fun putting this together at the last minute. :3 So, without further ado, take a peek! WARNING: Many Images Ahead




Another of my collections is Pirates of the Caribbean. This ship is one of my two most prized pieces of said collection. Back before I started collecting Pokemon hardcore again (a few months shy of a year ago) I would buy POTC items primarily on Amazon.com. I saw this ship for about $20 (incl. tax) and jumped on it. Guess how much it originally is? $80.00. er hem. sorry, went off on a tangent there! Anyway, I decided to use the ship and some other pieces of my POTC collection for this project. :3

And now, closer pics of the family. One thing that made the Pirate Darkrai theme easy was that they have built-in eye patches! ;P

Tiny Darkrai is busy steering the ship in the background, with an ominous Sao Feng waiting his turn to fight Jack. Ladylegs on the left is being Pirate Mickey, wearing the POTC ears that my friend brought me from when she went to Disneyland on vacation last year. The other Ladylegs is being.. Phantom, I guess? ^_^ Notice the illusion of a nose.

Here's a better shot of Phantom Ladylegs watching you. Also, you can see small UFO catcher Darkrai engaged in a sword fight with Captain Jack Sparrow for Davy Jones' treasure chest.

Sorry for the bad quality pic here, I was trying to get a non-glaring front pic to show the modified Pirate flag. :D This pic and the one below show my sister's Throw Plush Drifloon as the ship's flag and Origin Giratina as the flying monster who will attack the ship. Yah, Giratina didn't feel like dressing up. :P

Here you can also see that Captain Sparrow has learned to clone himself, and has a clone at the ready to jump down to save the day! Please ignore all the stuff on my walls and such, I was unable to sufficiently make a big enough background.. :-\

awww look at Tiny Darkrai's little Captain hat!

Slightly cut off is Talking Darkrai with his light saber, there's Construction Worker Ladylegs (clothes, minus hat, donated from my sister's Build-a-Bear Monkey), and Shiny Darkrai being a Pirate trainer. Go, Will Turner!

Long saber is looooooooooong! And finally, Prince of the Sea has upgraded to Burger King!

Thanks for looking! Hopefully you enjoyed seeing how my Darkrai family likes to spend Halloween! :3
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