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An Exce*pin*onal Auction

1/6: Saw some comments I hadn't responded to yet. Sorry, they got pushed down by a bombardment of comments on another post. I'll get to unresponded comments promptly tomorrow afternoon, 1/7.

*Insert more cute pin puns here!*

Sales' Preview! I tidied up my livejournal sales. These can be found here, or inquired about in this post.

Auctioning off the newest pins!

I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.

There are two sets of sales rules, please read each set closely.

- Brand new.
- These will ship from America. Shipping and Packing fees will be 3$ for up to 8 badges for domestic USA shipping. International shipping, 8.80$ for Canada for up to 8 badges or 12.75$ for most other countries for up to 8 badges. If you want more than 8 badges, please ask for a quote.
- All badges ship from America. I'm not taking them back to Japan with me.
- Domestic USA will have a tracking number.
- Badges shipped domestic USA should arrive before Christmas. Not sure about international.
- Badges cannot be shipped with other items.
- Badges that I have extra of and can be BIN are listed in the BIN thread. Please comment to the thread that you want to BIN.
- Badges start at 1$ with BINs starting from 2$

Everything else:
- Shipping is a flat 5.25$ for everything, no matter your location in the world. I ship internationally.
- Includes a tracking number.

- Items from a smoke free and pet free home. Please ask for more information if you want to know more information about condition.

- I ship from Japan. Any fees imposed by customs are the responsibility of the buyer. I mark items as merchandise on the custom form.
- My last shipping day before I go on vacation is Dec. 15th.
- I can't promise delivery by the Christmas holiday.

- Items are first come, first served. Please commit to an item by stating you're committed.


- Please please do not contact me for sales inquiries via PM. PM inquiries for sales will most likely be ignored or forgotten about since I don't regularly check my PMs. Sorry!
- I mark merchandise on customs forms and buyer is responsible for any fees collected.

The new Hanafuda badges and straps released last week! My friend was nice enoght to pick up my order from Animate since I was on sick leave last week, so it was a highlight of my weekend unboxing them <3

Reply to the auction comment with BIN if you would like the BIN price. Some badges do not have extras. If you don't see a BIN in the pin comment, then it probably is for auction only.

Animate also included coasters with the same artwork as the straps with my badges and straps preorder. If you spend at least 15$ on badges not including shipping, I will include a free coaster. These are first come first served and I will pick one out at random for you.

I have included a stock image from Movic and a picture of the actual badges. I took pictures of the badges and loaded them to this post in the same set up that Movic has them.

Auctions end Tuesday, December 16th. Countdown timer here.

Row 1A.                                                                  Row 1B.

Row 2A.                                                                  Row 2B.

Row 3A .                                                                 Row 3B.

Row 4A.                                                                  Row 4B.

Row 5A.                                                                  Row 5B.

Row 6A.                                                                  Row 6B.

Straight Sales (can be combined with sales)

New XY Kids! 4$ each.

Battle Coins - 4$ each. These are the silver variations.

Bath Soap Figures - 4$ each.

Totals are set up as Username (badges) (# of badges) (total w/o shipping) (Payment Status) (Shipping Status). When sending payment, please include your username in the memo. You don't need to write what badges you have, as I will reference below. Please make sure what I have is correct for you. It took me a while to go through and calculate totals because of how many badges were involved, so please let me know if I missed something.

Everyone in the total column will be messaged with their totals. Since there are so many comments here, I won't respond to each comment individually with totals unless I can't send a message. As reminder, these pins ship from the USA. I apologize for needing to push back the ship date to Monday, the 29th. It took me much longer than I expected to get everyone's totals together. Thanks everyone who participated <3

1. methuselah31010 (Dragonite & Gyardos, Blastoise, Labras Dewgong) (3) (6$) (NP) (NS)
2. ssjvap (rhydon $2, dugtrio $1, pikachu $3, poliwag/mr mime $2, Eeveelutions 12$) (5) (20$) (NP) (NS)
3. solishark (1) (Venonat Venusaur) (1) (3$) (NP) (NS)
4. joy_dust (1) (Mankey& Arcanine) (1) (5$) (P) (NS)
5. zamakiko (Cubone) (1) (3$) (NP) (NS)
6. chaos_21 (Articuno) (1) (4$) (NP) (NS)
7. squeakaree (Rattata, Nidoran Nidorina) (2) (7$) (NP) (NS)
8. chronidu (Pidgeot, Aerodactyl x2) (3) (5$) (NP) (NS)
9. vulpeslagopus (Persian Ninetails) (1) (1$) (NP) (NS)
10. stalkingsuicune (Persian Ninetails) (1) (5$) (NP) (NS)
11. kittay752 (Jynx, Vileplume) (2) (3$) (NP) (NS)
12. nicolarbear (Slowpoke Arbok, Drowsy Ghastly Abra) (2) (6$) (NP) (NS)
13. jamplex (Vileplume) (1) (1$) (NP) (NS)
14. technicolorcage (Mew Mewtwo) (1) (3$) (NP) (NS)
15. mewmew151 (Mew Mewtwo) (1) (1$) (NP) (NS)
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