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pokemon tv episodes! :D

hello everyone! :D it's been a long time since i last posted. anyway i found this really cool site where you can watch all the pokemon episodes for free! up to before d/p i think, because that hasn't been english dubbed yet if i'm not wrong. been re-watching all the episodes! am at around 108 now. they are SUPER DUPER AWESOMEEE I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE. and i really really miss the kanto region pokeymanz. xD

i'm not sure if you guys have already seen/know about this, but if you do, i apologise for spamming this page >< hope everyone will enjoy watching them and reliving old childhood memories, ahhhhh. :)

Link 1: This one has all the episodes chronologically listed, but is hosted by Megavideo. So there's a limit to how many minutes of video you can watch per day >< Which is why I don't really use this.
Link 2: This one's! :D Just do a search: "pokemon episode (insert episode number)". They have all the episodes uploaded up, plus no need to wait for it to buffer because it loads really fast! I use this the most often. Quality's not the best though.

(Note: Keep your pop-up blocker on, there may be some unslightly adult pop-ups >< And kiddos, please exercise caution while viewing the sites, there may be some adult content links here and there, but DON'T CLICK! :D Thanks to miss_fuu_chan for the reminder!)

hope this helped everyone :DD

oh oh yes i've updated my sales post too with alot more stuffz like plush, kids and tomy figures :DD feel free to take a look!
oh yes. i'm open to trades too, so hit me with PIKASTUFF :D ('cept flat items) hehe.

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