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Boo! A New Member appeared!

Well I've been stalking about for a week and a half, lurking as a non-member for a month, time to finally properly introduce myself! Hi, I'm Shinami!

(I wanted to have a cool picture to introduce myself with but the drawing is only 2/3 done, art takes way too long with a full time job. ;; )

Some of you have probably seen me around commenting, buying things, asking questions, etc. I've played Pokemon practically my entire life (15 out of 19 years!) and have been devoted to the games but I've only started collecting very recently. Even most of my stuff I've carried on from my childhood was given to me by cousins; my parents really couldn't afford to buy extra things like plushies, cards, and figures. But now that I'm a working adult I can finally indulge in my life-long obsession! >:D

With favorite Pokemon my absolute love is Pumpkaboo (Gourgeist too)! Grass and Ghost are my favorite types, and as soon as I saw it's cute little face in XY I was in love. I'll probably endeavor to have everything Pumpkaboo~ Close up in love are Banette, Mawile, Chatot, and Sandshrew. I of course like many others, it's hard not to when there's over 720 Pokemon.

So well *nervous* let's show my meagre collection! It isn't much.


So this is most of my plush! Audino is the one who started my research and eventual spiral into Pokemon merch madness - Amazon showed her to me and I declared my love but had to research and make sure she was genuine leading to finding this amazing place! I have almost all the pumpkin plush (hunting the MPC ones now), the cute little Chatot Banpresto, and other cuties. They're modest but growing!


My little Hasbro plush I got when I was younger (only plush not shown is a dirty, resewn three times, green from dirt and love, beat up Pikachu I got in 1999, probably a bootleg) and two little Kids! Those two are from __sasami__, my first ever full transaction here! Kids are super cute, I've got a good shipment coming from jaydee93 soon. This shelf is for my smaller plush, Momma Gourgeist and Bubba Pumpkaboo are kept elsewhere, they're too big. XD


Lastly my portable games and my old figures! White 2 is lent to a friend right now, and I have boxes for DS era onwards. The old figures are mostly Tomy, a bootleg or two in there, a BK, a roller Blastoise thing?, a hollow Charmander that isn't a Kid I don't know what it is, those weird minis, and I honestly have no clue what that Pikachu+Meowth is from. Nearly all of them are scuffed up and nothing with an antenna escaped unscathed. XD But I'm very glad that my cousin gave me these!

I have other things like several binders of TCG, children's books, some of the manga, some pan stickers, movies, posters, coins, metal charms, etc. None of it is really together enough to be in pics though. It's all just scattered childhood things. :'D

But well hi guys! Sorry if I rambled too much. ; w ;

I'm overjoyed at being a member here amongst other people who are so enthusastic about Pokemon! It's opened so many oppertunities to build a collection of my own and I've learned so much. It's so awesome to meet you all!

(In a small parting question to anyone who can answer it, does anyone know what that Pikachu+Meowth thing is from? They have pegs on their feet so they were part of something.)
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