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Another 6-ish month of Lattes, Lugia, Weavile, 'tales and more~! [A 6 Month Gets Post]

Oh gosssh I keep doing these updates by half a year or so ;w; Decided to do a gets update within the last 6 months and hopefully soon enough a proper collection update, my room is kinda a mess in some areas right now and I have too many things to sell, but that'll be after the holidays. ^^

I was able to get some amazing gets this past half a year so without futher ado though, here's a gets update & also a little top 5 wants and grail post. Here's a preview of an AMAZING get I'm so excited! ^^

Latias & Latios - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Latias & Latios Movie Poseable TOMY plush, Latias & Latios Pokemon Center 2014 plush,  Lati Pokemon petite plush, Latias Mascot Plush.

A big plush get this time! Thanks to the new guys as well who are absoutely beautiful! I managed to get the poseable TOMY Lati's and now they're reunited with the fuzzy pair version! The main plush here though has to be the mascot plush get! I really couldn't believe my eyes when I found her and I got her pretty cheap as well (a lot of mascots under $20!)...now I'm even more determined to get the Latios mascot plush to pair them together, they're elusive argh but it's my grail Latios right now, excluding the holy grail giant plush! x3 These guys will join my other Lati plush! =) Feel free to take any photos you want for wants, there's so few pictures of the Latias mascot ;w;!

PicturedLatias/Latios/Ash/Pikachu Diorama/Movie Statue, 10th Anniversary Keychain, European Latios Launcher figure with pogs, Clear Latias kid figure, Metal Latias & Latios figures (gunmetal, bronze), Gachapon machine Lati figures (figures only, might sell these!), Latios retsuden stamp.

The launcher figure was something I was after for a long time as well, though european figures seem to be more elusive sometimes than japanese figures, a really lucky find on eBay with his pogs too! Laitos retsuden stamp was a lot find along with a Weavile and Lugia stamp which was pretty awesome, I really want the Latias retsuden stamp to pair up! <3 Managed to find a clear Latias kid, which I now have 100% kids of the Lati's so far! The metals are a different story....I thought I finally grabbed all Latios metals but unfortnately the only Y!Japan package to ever never appear was a gold Latios metal. I won't get into it but the seller gave us different shipping dates and because of no insurance or tracking they deemed it as "lost"....bleh I doubt it >w>;

FLAIL Lati time oh my god I can't believe this picture sometimes uwu! Super grail get which is the Lati movie diorama, mine's a little damaged but I just can't believe I own one...after this one two more popped up on Y!Japan, no idea what happened to them though! Words do not do this justice and I'll add a few extra pictures above this description...argggggh! x3

Pictured: Pokepark Latias & Latios Boat Playset, Movie Soul Dew Latias & Latios Pens, Movie Lati Watch, Latios and Latias Pez dispensers.

MORE LATI GOODNESS. Two super high wants were the soul dew pens on my list and when I found them I couldn't believe it, I haven't seen these guys in yoinks and they pop up with their figures in tact! They're beautiful and any Lati collector must find them! x3 Really happy to find the watch and in it's original  packaging too, there's a crack on the seal but I'm not entirely fussed by that. One surprise find was the Pokepark playset, I had no idea this thing existed! There's lots of Pokepark merch to look out for like the mug, drawstring bag etc  but never saw a playset! *w* It's really cute and came with others! Won some pez's and finally reunited my Latios with some wings <3

Pictured: Pokemon With you cloth, mug and memo pad, HB Latias & Latios pencils x4

Hnnng found some PWY merch with Lati's, the mug and cloth was something I was after from my previous post and I was able to find a seller selling both! Awesome! <3 The HB pencils smell fresh! o/o

Pictured: Movie Lati Strap, Lati Badge, Pokemon Ranger Swimming Float featuring Latis, Movie 5 Lati charms, 2014 Eon ticket Lati charms, 50 piece puzzle Latias & Latios.

Some more pretty cool things! Happy to grab the movie 5 charms and the puzzle is really cool, I kinda want to find shelf space to bring it out but the way it's going my whole bookshelf is going to be Lati mad!

PicturedTFC Ex Dragon Booster Box feat Latias & Latios, Lati Cookie Box, Lati Stamps, Movie Phone Card & flats.

I kinda want to find some pokemon cookies and add them to the cookie box to make it look super cute, Lati cookies maybe one day? ;w; The booster box is really awesome, I know where another one is at the moment if someone was interested but it's at a price, various pretty flats and stamps!

Pictured: Pokemon Center Latias & Latios handkerchiefs/bandana/cloths

I LOVE CLOTHS AND I LOVE THESE! Any cloths I don't have of the Lati's I'll always auto-want! The pattern with Pikachu/Lucario etc and Lati's have various merchandise like bags, handbags, purses...I'd love to find more things with this pattern, it's really pretty! x3

Argh there's more Lati merch I've got in the past 6 months or so but I feel if I talk about them all picture by picture I'll be clogging up everything...but above are some other pieces of merch, I think I forgotten some things too ;w;!

Of course I grabbed everything of the Petite collection too, and hopefully the pairs merch when that arrives <3

Lugia - [Main Collection]

Pictured: DX TOMY Lugia, Lugia Papercraft, Movie 2000 Lugia Papercraft, Lugia Inflatable, Lugia Binder, Lugia Movie Coin, Lenticular Meiji Lugia, Lugia puzzle, Lugia 50 piece puzzle, Pokepark Magnet, Lugia keychains, Stamp.

Got pretty lucky with Lugia these last few months, finally got a DX Lugia but he's aging a little ;w;! Inflatable Lugia is one of the cutest things and a major want was the movie 2000 papercraft and coin! Hng they're so cool and look pretty awesome with my other Lugias! The lenticular is awesome sauce, I loved the underwater scenes of Lugia when I was younger, and I still do! ;w;

Pictured: Vinyl Lugia figure, MIP Stamp, Lugia BK toy, Bottlecap figures, Clear Lugia kid figure, Lugia magnet, Lugia keychains, Lugia retsuden stamp, Lugia chupa, Clear Lugia "TOMY" figure, Lugia pencil topper, Lugia badge & flats.

Another super want get was the clear lugia figures & the pencil topper! The yellow based Lugia has one of the most awesome poses and so does that little flat! x3!

I don't know why but I forgot to photograph these guys! Aaaa finally grabbing a plush I don't have from Lugia! The Lugia friends plush has hidden itself from me for a while but I managed to grab the little cutie on Y!Japan with some friends! The silver keychain is glorious and I just love the poseable Lugia figure! x3

Weavile - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Weavile MPC, Weavile Retsuden Stamp, Weavile Papercraft, Weavile TOMY Game figure, Clear Weavile figures, Weavile ola ice cream strap, Weavile movie 8 pen!

My weasels! I just love getting new Weavile merch and I'm really proud of the figures I found! Though an instant GET is the Movie 8 pen!!! I never saw it for sale and ever since I found out about him I was on a major hunt for him! When you press the pen his arm moves downwards and stays there until you click the pen back! Argh! One of the best Weavile merchandise ever!! I really love the sparkly stamp and I LOVE papercrafts! I'd love to own the Lati and Ninetales papercrafts then I'll have all my main collections as papercrafts! x3

Pictured: Weavile card flats, Weavile notebook, Pog, Dice, Weavile choco tin, Weavile notebook, Slyveon & Weavile Pan wrapper.

riolu was super awesome and found someone who would sell the Slyveon/Weavile pan wrappers, thank you so much it's so nice to see such a happy Weavile!  Sky decided to sell me some things with Weavile on as she was weeding some Lucario things, thanks so much sky! I love them ;w;!

Pictured: Pokemon Center Choco Tin featuring Weavile & Glameow, Jakks Weavile & Froslass Playset [click for bigger picture]

I didn't want to move these guys from the shelves so I found pictures I had taken before...the tin is beautiful, I just love how Weavile and Glameow are right next to each other....aaa! <33 My Weavile plushies are currently around it! The Jakks playset is something I never saw before but popped up on eBay for an auction, to my memory I think I was the only bidder and it has lenticular Weavile and Froslass images...which reminds me of Snowpoint and argh it's so perfect and cool! ;w; I've placed a few figures and flats inside it on the shelf <3

Ninetales - [Main Collection]

Pictured: Red, Yellow & Purple Ninetales Mini Models, Ninetales dogtags, Various Ninetales pogs (shiny & non shiny versions), Ninetales 2000 pin, Ninetales pencil.

Holy cow this was a get update I didn't think I'd be able to update all that much, it was only in the last month or so I found those 3 mini models in seperate lots, I do have a solid blue ninetales & clear pink ninetales mini model up for trades for any other Ninetales models I will also have a double clear green mini model eventually but right now it's in a warehouse, if you have any other colours other than these 3, blue, clear green and shimmery blue I would definitely be interested! I'd love to complete my rainbow one day! Metal figures too, I haven't been able to update them for over a year until recently, now I just hope the new one arrives safely! <3 The pogs are really cool and I LOVE the pin! Anything of this fox is always awesome~

Pictured: Ninetales Banpresto Postcards, various stickers and flats, Pokemon Link tin featuring Ninetales.

I guess people have seen the postcards, grabbed them months back and hnng they are so beautiful! x3

Pictured: Japanese Pokemon Patterned fan, cloth, sticker and badge featuring Ninetales!

These guys look quite regal next to each other, I feel spiffy x3! I didn't manage to buy everything from this promotion but I hope to one day! I bought the things I really wanted and I'm really happy with the purchase! The fan is glorious and aaa new merchandise that featured Ninetales....it may just be a pattern but it's a start! <333

Side Collections - Jolteon & Leafeon

Pictured: Jolteon FCS figure, Jolteon Green Minimodel, Clear Jolteon new kid figurer, Banpresto Leafeon keychain, Jolteon postcards & pogs.

Although slow and I don't focus on these guys all that much these days, they're still being collected bit by bit! I've decided to slow down on the eeveelu's for a while because I think I'll have to move these guys and find more shelves for them to make way for more Lati merch ;w;  The FCS pose is so cheeky looking and I love Banpresto keychains! x3

Haunter - [Side Collection]

Pictured: Haunter Minimodels [Blue/Purple] Haunter Metal figures [Gold, Gunmetal?], Pogs, Flats.

I haven't updated Haunter in SO LONG. I don't even think I had one single Haunter item from my last post but it's great to grab metals and mini models finally, the banpresto card is pretty cool! <3

Skarmory/Mismagius & Glameow - [Side Collections]

Pictured: Skarmory Chao, Mood ring, Pog and staks, Mismagius Chao, Chupa [Not pictured], Choco tin, Glameow Megablok.

Yaaay some steel birdies, ghosts and meows <3 I sometimes wish I could find more of these guys but even getting a figure every so often is pretty cool! I'm always looking out for things <3

Zangoose - [Side Collections]
Pictured: Zangoose TOMY, Zangoose Data Carrier, Zangoose Chupa, Staks and Pokemon Time Tin, Plush, Clearfile, Sticker, Strap and 1/2 bookmarks.

Zangoose was pretty lucky and got some Pokemon Time merch and... A PLUSH HNG OMG I was flailing all over the place when he was finally announced as a plush..! I was really lucky and pulled a patterned Zangoose bookmark with his strap! If a full art version exists I would really love to buy it! x3

Salamence - [Side Collection]

Pictured: Salamence Pokemon Center Plush, Jakks Figure, Data Carrier, Pearly TFG,Spinner/Roller figure, Keychains, Attack Keychain, Staks, Battrios, Foam Card & Various flats.

Babu dragons have been really lucky these past few months! I'm really happy with these, the data carrier figure is really detailed and I love the pearly Salamence TFG who now sits with my clear and regular <3 Also he got a new plush yaaaay! I really love him, he's so soft and dragon like, mine looks like he's sneering. ;w;

Absol/Mega Absol - [Side Collection]

Pictured: Absol Pokedoll, Petite Plush, Pin, Keychain, Pogs, Dice, Minicot Gold, In-case figure, Bottlecap, Clear kid figure, clearfile.

I don't know how, but I've been lucky again with Absol! ;w;  Managed to grab a clear kid figure, 1 down, 1 to go and POKEDOLL FINALLY, I skipped so many of them but I thought "nope" and managed to buy one of them! I seemed to be in the right place and the right time with the pins and in case/bell charm figures, makes me want moar in-case figures! [I'm looking at you Ninetales and Salamence!]

Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox - [Side Collection]

Pictured: Fennekin plush, Kids, Retsuden stamps, In-case, keychains, 9-11 figure, wooden stamps, badges, pencil toppers, cookie strap, medallion, pita poke, choco ball.

Fennekus! I've bought a lot over the past few months of her so I might have forgotten some things ;w;! I really love the "in-case figures"! <3 I've always had a soft spot for clear figures though! What I'm really on the look out for is the alternative pose of the Fennekin kid figure that was only a prize, I've only seen the set for sale once or twice on Y!Japan ;w; always love for the fire foxie~~

Pictured: Fennekin Petite Croquis Book, Japanese cloth, Keychains & charms, Bathrobe.

I've had my eye on the bathrobe foxie, its so cool and fuzzy! x3 I love the autumn themed cloth as well, the colours are so perfect for her! <3

Mooooar foxiesss I can tell I'm getting lazy now and have talked way too long ;w;! Proper collection update one day.... when it's not messy...and hopefully a sales post after christmas (I kinda wanna avoid the holiday rush) <3

Might as well add my top 5 wants and holy grailzzz, if any pictures are yours and you want them to be taken down or credited, please lemme know! ^^

Grail WANTS:
+ Giant Latios & Latias PC Plush - [The Holy Grails]
+ Latios Mascot Plush - [Current Grail] - [image belongs to em_lemon]

+ DX TOMY Latias & Latios figures
+ Latias & Latios Sparkly Cup
+ Ninetales Papercraft [image belongs to whitewolflarka]
+ Latias Arms-Out Banpresto Plush
+ Latias & Latios Pokedoll Stylus Figures

Or just offer me any Latias/Latios/Lugia/Weavile & Ninetales things! <3
I also collect Leafeon/Jolteon/Haunter/Houndoom/Mismagius/Zangoose/Salamence/Absol/Lopunny/Skarmory/Glameow/Fennekin/Meowstic.

Thanks for reading...or looking at the pictures~! <3
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