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Card shop is ready!~

Hello comm!

I've been working on setting up a separate card post for all my extras and I'm finally finished! ^_^

Also, don't forget to check out my main sales post! (And my non-pokemon sales post too! ◕‿ᴖ)

I've been pretty depressed because I wasn't as impressed by ORAS as I thought I'd be. I was so excited for it, but once I started my journey, I was sooooo bored.... T-T...UNTIL....I got Cosplay Pikachu♥ She made me want to play the game more just to see her cute reactions and costumes! :) And I've seen the posts about the Cosplay Pikachu plushes and I just have to get them all! X3

I'm still working on my collection update now that I have more time since the semester ended! ^_^ I can't wait to show off my new plushes! :D
But I'll post that in the next few days or so :3

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday shopping! :D

Until next time~♥...
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