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New Pokemon Amie Promotion

It looks like we will be getting a brand new promotion tomorrow at the Mega Pokemon Center Tokyo featuring Sylveon, Fennekin, Dedenne (and more) in a Pokemon Amie theme!

(Source: @tizu___tama on Twitter)

PokePalre (or ポケパルレ) is the Japanese name for Pokemon Amie, so I can't wait to see what other Amie-themed goodies are in store for us tomorrow ♥

I will pick up the PokeAmie Fennekin & Sylveon plush! Comment below to be added to the pickup list.  Plush will be $22 and shipping is $8 for one plush.  The rest of the PokeAmie goods are now added to my webstore!!!

The exception is the Sylveon Blanket and Cushion Set which I will take slots here for -- I have EXTRA IN HAND and they will go first come first serve by claiming in the comments below.  They are $55 before shipping & fees which I haven't been able to calculate yet since I have to go to work this afternoon all weekend long (;___;) I will continue to take slots for them but I'm not sure how limited they will end up being at the Center (repeat of Eevee Collection 2012 blankets anyone??)

Sylveon Cushion & Blanket Set:
1. slothyshroom
2. acidmimi
3. ibburger
4. superfluousmeg
5. sleep_is_god (*PAID*)
6. tewzi
7. princessharumi
8. fokko
9. animecatmew
(the above slots are in hand & guaranteed! I will continue to take a pre-order list however:)

Here's a sampling of the goods that are available! Additional pictures can be found on my Twitter for now!!

In order: Dedenne foldable mirror, Sylveon tote bag, stationary set, Sylveon pass & coin case, Sylveon blanket cushion, Dedenne earmuffs, Fennekin pouch

Not pictured yet: clearfile, sticker book, sticker sheet, long socks, kids socks, Fennekin scrunchie, Sylveon scrunchie (pictures on my Twitter)

Pokemon Amie Fennekin & Sylveon Plush Pickups:

Please send $30 for one plush or $55 for two plush to allierinia[@] and leave your username & which plush you ordered somewhere in the notes.  If you want to combine with anything else, please check out with everything else you want + the plush you ordered in my webstore (Fennekin link, Sylveon link) and mention that you were on the pickup list!!

1. zugagirl (*PAID*)
2. themessyness (*PAID*)
3. kuro_kage_kun (*PAID*)
4. acidmimi (*PAID*)
5. ibburger (*PAID*)
6. jheila (*PAID*)
7. superfluousmeg (*PAID*)
8. natsu_neko (*PAID*)
9. animecatmew (*PAID*)
10. princessharumi (*PAID*)
11. doryphish333 (*PAID*)
12. chatsy (*PAID*)
13. digivolution (*PAID*)
14. slothyshroom (*PAID*)
15. tewzi (*PAID*)
16. bluehyaku (*PAID*)
17. sleep_is_god (*PAID*)
18. ghostykins (*PAID*)

1. stalkingsuicune (*PAID*)
2. themessyness (*PAID*)
3. ibburger (*PAID*)
4. soiledpoetry (*PAID*)
5. xxlatiosxx (*PAID*)
6. superfluousmeg (*PAID*)
7. jessyistired (*PAID*)
8. princess_snivy (*PAID*)
9. bluehyaku (*PAID*)
10. caligulah (*PAID*)
11. chu_knuckle (*PAID*)
12. sleep_is_god (*PAID*)
13. ghostykins (*PAID*)

TODAY'S PICKUPS ARE COMPLETE!! I have 15 EXTRA Sylveon plush IN HAND and will continue to do pickups in the future, I will be back before the weekend is over!! ♡

To place an order for a plush, please go here:

Additional Slots:
1. zugagirl (Mega Tokyo Pikachu Keychain)(to be combined with Sylveon) (*PAID*)
2. ibburger (Latias & Latios Petit Mascot Plush)(to be combined with Sylveon & Fennekin) (*PAID*)

Sales Information:
★ Sales permission granted back in 2008
★ My feedback is located here
★ My full sales conditions can be found here and my pickups FAQ is here
★ I will also pick up any other goods at the Center!

I can combine with any orders including the Mega Tokyo plush:

Thanks everyone!  See you all tomorrow after Mega Center day (´▽`)ノ♡
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