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Galactic Conquest has landed! RWE Store update!

Quick shoutout!: Anyone who has had paid orders with the RWE have been shipped as of 10/10. The only exception is bitterwhite and ravestars85 whom I am shipping tomorrow before I go into work.

Time for a trip into the realm of the Galactic Conquest boxes! My big box I was waiting on arrived today, much to my excitement, much to the dismay of my package man who had it ripped from his arms with a gleeful giggle.

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Let the sorting begin. Laptop with pkmncollectors chat? Check. Folders for storage? Check. Sleeves? Check. Booster boxes?

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Very first packed yielded up PalkiaG Level X!

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Two boxes worth of cards sorted. This is how I run both my main set sorting while unpacking them from the packs, and also how I run the store. When I run store however I sort from grass type through to colourless in the standard japanese type archetype set list along with them being in ultra rare, holo, rare, unco, common, trainer/energy.

And now for the epic pulls:

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Shiny cards! Just missed Vulpix.

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Reprint cards! All three between both boxes. I love that they've been renewed into the DP-DPt ON format. The ability to almost bring back haymaker is awesome :D Not super super powerful compared to some of the other decks you can create these days, but very interesting nonetheless.

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Level X cards! Giratina, Skymin, Palkia x2

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HOMSODGHuishgsuirkjhgsg. He was pulled from the last packet of the last box. I pulled the two I wanted the most from the boxes!

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Sexy new card suitcases. Store runs out of this now! They hold over 1,000 cards, and I'll be buying more. One is full already, one is half full and about to get full when I get stuff out of my tins.

Giratina from the DPt Entry Pack. I was surprised when I pulled them out and found how holo they were. :D

Also, some pimping time!

Reverse World Emporium is updated!

New Galactic Conquest cards have been put up for sale! Please note that I am in the middle of updating my store and that some cards from older sets that have been up since last update are in the middle of being updated with availability. By all means request if they are still available, but just a forwarning that not every card from the older sets are available.
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