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Wishlist Post!

Hi again! After introducing myself, I next wanted to post a little about what I'm looking for.

Source for photos, will remove at owner's request

The two main things I want right now are both Absol items: the TOMY Advanced Generation Figure and the Bandai Advanced Generation 10cm Double Action Figure. I have no idea how much these go for or how often they pop up - at any rate, I'll be on the lookout!

Lastly, here's a list of other things I'm interested in. A lot of these are easily attainable and/or pretty low price - This is mostly just a list for my reference when I'm in the mood to buy something or need to cross something off. It's a bit long, so I put it under a spoiler.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Sneasel - Jakks Series 3 Plush
Weavile Pokedoll
Weavile - Tomy Laying Down Plush
Weavile Kids:
-Arms Crossed, Smirking
-Swipe Attack
-Weavile - Kaioyodo Battlecap

Absol TOMY figure
Absol Kids:
Absol Bathsalt Figure

Arcanine TOMY figure
Arcanine Banpresto figure
Arcanine Petit Mascot Plush Keychain
Mega Charizard Y TOMY Moncolle figure
Mega Charizard X Collection figure
Mega Lucario Kid Figure
Mega Manectric TOMY Moncolle figure
Raikou Jakks figure
Suicune Jakks figure

...... +Pretty much any cool weavile/absol figure/plush is something I'm interested in taking a look at.

Thank you for looking!

I've only been here a few days and already have multiple things in the mail from you guys to add to my collection. Yay! :)
I'm still getting used to the LJ post format, so I apologize for my cut looking wonky sometimes! I always try to fix it immediately.
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