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First real collection post + Sales

Hey everybody!

I have yet to post any of my recent gets due to being so busy with work and my sales post. I had a day off today, so after getting everybody's items shipped out I came home to take some pictures of my new stuff! Today it snowed from 2am-5pm here, so the snow outside allowed for some great natural lighting ahha :) Here's a little preview

photo 2

For Starters, here is a shelf in my den that I have some pokedolls displayed on :)

photo 5

The Greninja is honestly one of my favourite pokedolls realeased recently(ish). I love pokedolls in sitting poses, and he's so lovable! Underneath him we have Pancham and Fletchling. I love the first bird pokemon in everygame, and Fletchy's no exception; Pancham just looks like a little thug with that leaf in his mouth. Sawk reminds me of a muppet ahha. Then we have my good ol' Delibird who just chills (no pun intended), and the Custom Haunter is made by the amazing usako-chan<3. I love her work, and hope to be able to showcase more of it soon :)

Then here we have the biggest surprise of the month...

photo 1

I never expected this Pikachu to be soooooooooo big! I thought he would be as big as a pokedoll or slightly larger, but this guy is huge. He was released as part of a Pokemon Kids promotion I believe. I love collecting pokemon kids, and I just had to have this guy but I could onyl find him for over 200$ anytime he popped up on Y!J. Finally managed to get him at a steal for 7000 yen, and I now see why he was so expensive! He also has a little lid on his bottom that you can open up to store smaller pokemon kids. The clear stretchy-face Pikachu on his head is just so you guys can understand how massive this guy is! I love it <3

Now some gets from Sunyshore!

photo 3

The Hoenn starters; they are awesome. I love the sitting poses they are perfect, I would've loved to see mudkip sitting as well! These guys are a bit larger then average pokedolls, but I would still recommend getting them. Get them at Sunyshore while they last, as I feel that these guys will become scarce like their normal pokedolls did. And then we have...

photo 1 (2)

Lord of the Wails: The Return of the Wailord

Old dated references aside, I love these guys. The size difference is perfect enough to allow them to be posed together! I think I enjoy Wailord the most, he's the largest plush I own, and the biggest thing I've ever gotten in the mail! Wailmer is a cute little guy too; the water spouting is the perfect touch to make him a must buy <3

And on a more wintery note we have the Pokemon Center Snowmen and Santachu!

photo 2

I'll keep it short and sweet. Do you want to build a snowman? I do! These are the softest, cutest things ever <3

photo 2 (1)

This guy was virtually impossible to find. In Gen 1 I would always have a Poliwhirl since none of my friends had a link cable for the Gameboy Color. He was always my water type, even if i had chosen Squirtle. I'm so glad I finally managed to buy this guy for a decent price. I've seen him go for 200$ of more! If I ever get a second one, I vow to sell him for a much more resonable price to somebody here on the comm!

photo 4

And last but not least, these are my TV topers ahha! This is the tv I use to play older games that aren't HD, so it doesn't get as much use as it should ahha! Slowpoke was bought from tortoises (He finally arrived not to long ago!). The Pikachu pokedoll and Substitute were bought on Y!J; Pikachu is my favourite pokemon, he was the first plush I had as a child. It was actually the PlushPlush one, but he has since been lost :( Tyrunt was bought when I went to Fan Expo here back in August, it was a really fun experience to go to a convention for the first time!

So those are my updates for now. Hopefully I can find a decent way to display them all, untill then I'll just keep posting them from random locations in my house <3

As for my sales: All but two packages have been sent out :) I have contacted all of you with a shipping update, and I'm excited to see everybody's posts when their items arrive! :D Tag me so I don't miss out on them guys!

As always here is a link to my sales post, it's up to date so feel free to come on over <3

Jaydee's Pokemon Kids Mega Store

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