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After the big auction for the Porygon2 and Bulbasaur pokedoll keychains I had posted a want to locate that Bulbasaur...

One showed up only a month later on Y!J

So I placed some bids and dug in for a long 6 days...
When I got a pm from a comm member who had one for sale too!
As I have learned from a past experience regarding rare pokemon plush, always play it safe.
So I bought the one, but I couldn't retract my bid...and I won both !? o.O

So may I introduce the last Bulbasaur to ever join my collection :D
2014-12-11 18.21.23

Very well packaged.
2014-12-11 18.22.06

With his plushplush big brother.
2014-12-11 18.24.23

3/5 :D
2014-12-11 18.25.55

So teeny :3
2014-12-11 18.26.18

For the first time ever, the complete Bulbasaur pokedoll line!!
2014-12-11 22.45.07

Once the other one arrives I will be selling it at auction, for those who may be interested.
I have several other packages en route so I will still have a big end of year collection update.
Goodnight :)
Tags: bulbasaur, plush, pokedoll
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