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Art Commissions, super long Christmas edition!

Hi! I'm back with new art commissions! I have some free time since I finished my projects and I have been trying new styles (you can see them at the end) so if you'd like to get anything different that I show here, let me know! I'm always open to try new things *^* I can use any style on the bookmarks for example!
I have put a lot of photos on the post, sorry about that but I prefer that you see a bit of everything >.<
You can follow me as always on Instagram or DeviantART (I have a ton of work on instagram!)


  • I made these designs and they were printed and laminated. On one side you have the Pokemon and, on the other side it's black. You can decide if you prefer them with a hole and a ribbon or without it. They are 12cm x 5.5cm.

  • I can make any Pokemon/Human/Non-Pokemon character

  • I can do them shiny/different colour/with items...

  • I can do a pattern background for the same price.

  • I can sell the designs I have already printed (if they aren't OOAK) for 4$ or reprint them for the same price!!

  • One regular character would be 5$ and you can choose if you want a ribbon or not

  • One complex character and/or OOAK + avatar would be 7$

  • If you want a pattern bookmark I can do it but it would be 8$ for three pokemon on the pattern

Ampharos is the original design and Politoed's my custom.

I have some of the designs you can see on the preview made too so I can sell directly some of them for 1$ or I can sell 20 stickers for 8$ -you can have a custom of them and the others can be or copies of your custom or reprints of the ones I made.
They are 5x5 cm (like an amada).


I can also do little drawings, you can see them on my post HERE

Drawings with more complex design. Full size, gijinka, teams...
It would depend of the size and material. I can try to work on watercolours or markers but the price would increase.
A size around 4x6 inches (10x15 cm) would be 10$ with coloured pencils.
A size around 8x10 inches (20x25 cm) would be 15$ coloured pencils.


naotoRocket_ cortado3FINsai
ss (2014-06-30 at 04.27.45)zelda
Sorry for the super long post but I have been working a lot lately with my studies >.< Thanks for reading and as always, if you want to combine anything on my sales post or do a trade just let me know!! ^^
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