Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

Absol Pokedoll wanted + other wants

Hey community,
i really want the Absol Pokedoll. If anyone have this Doll for sale let me know pls! I would prefer a payment plan for this doll if its to expensive :/ The doll dont need a tag. Only the tush tag is okay.

Also i have other Absol wants. I missed some figures etc in my collection ^-^

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Figure Absol

Attack Pokémon Kids 1 "Quick Attack" Absol Normal, Clear Versions

Pokémon Data Carrier Figure Absol

PokéColle Cap 5 Absol

Pokémon Full Color Advance 02 Absol

Pokémon 10th Anniversary Top Ten Fan-Voted Collector Pack #9 Absol Figure

Pokémon Time Strap Absol

Thats it for now! But if you have any misc or flates for sale let me know <3 I will check it out.
Tags: absol, wants
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