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Kids Group Auction Update- and a few left for sale

The Kids have been received from this group auction! I have taken my own pics- please see below cut.
Could those who have reserved please pay to


Pachirisu: Zachary_Sparkle $5 shipped (as it's within the UK) PAID
Roselia: Shiny_Vulpix $6 shipped Cancelled- no such luck with getting that shiny...
Butterfree: myc $5 shipped (as it's within the UK) PAID
Abra: paddlefoot_wolf $6 shipped

As Lineaalba & others pointed out these are standard size kids, also Roselia wasn't shiny...
I have checked them all for the markings and they all say Bandai, and I have checked for minor defects.

Reserved figures- all in top condition.

Size comparison- I like how the reprint is also lighter in tone- its made my day!

I decided to keep these 2 (Golduck is in my Diamond team and he refuses to faint!)

I still have some Kids left over- $6 each shipped worldwide- $5 if you're in the UK (will combine costs if more than one Kid bought)

Available; Metagross, Cloyster, Ditto, Diglett, Vibrava, Snubbul (Clear), Ralts, Mime Jr, Ledyba & Barboach (there's also Victreebell which avoided the shoot somehow). Roselia is now available.

Poorly Kids

Articuno has no feet & no markings & Delcatty has a spot of paint near its nose. $5 each shipped ($4 UK)

I ship worldwide
I accept Paypal (and other methods from UK only)
My posting days are Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays
1st come 1st served.

PS due to lack of interest I won't be going for the Flippos
PPS I know a few people were looking at an auction with a Wartortle plush the other day- well I found another auction!
Hardrock-Pokemon have Glaceon & Leafeon beanies!

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