spiritbomb92 (spiritbomb92) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Think chip figures!


I am glad to be easing myself back to the community after a while of no collecting.

Today, I come with a pretty unique (to me that is) want.

After receiving a swampert think chip figure from shuuichi_chan , I have decided I need more in ny life!

So if you have any think chip figures for sale, please direct me to them! I especially want to get sceptile and groudon! Let me know what's up! I recently got a new bookshelf that I need to fill up with stuffffff!

Anyways, I also have been promoted at work again and am almost to the salaried management of walmart!
Let me know!

Also looking for the sableye mawile nosepass and chimecho z ukan.
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