neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Diancie get

Mega diancie came in the mail today!!! :D

She is beyond  gorgeous! I was honestly thinking of getting a custom done and they announced it! She's my favorite mega so I'm super happy *u*

I love how they used different fabrics for the different parts. All the "gems" are iridecent and the flowy parts are see thru. Overall, really well done.

She is the queen of my diancies :D So excited for the metal charms coming out in February! Also if anyone happens to get the diancite lottery prize at the Pokemon Center I would love to buy it from you :)

So selling him for $50 (shipping will be about $10 in the US, he's definately a steel type :) SOLD


Also, where do you guys get battrios? I've never bought one before, but I need this one:

I think it's newer, but where do you get these (besides Y!J, they're kinda expensive there right now)
Tags: diancie, metagross, sales
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