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Gen Six fever

Just getting back into collecting and I gotta say that I am loving the Kalos merchandise. And there seems to so much of it too
The pokemon I hope to collect soon are Hawlucha, Flechling linem Inkay line, and Froakie line. I also loveothers like klefki.
My froakie line is coming along, I just don't know how many things he has

Also I'm just wondering but what is everyone elses favorite kalos pokemon? And does anyone else like Barbaracle or Klefki?
Onethingthat I always have been collecting have been tomy figures and I've been wondering what other pokemon figures will be getting a tomy figure. I'm still so shocked and surprised Klefki got one. And was wondering what gen 6 tomy figures are likely to be made

Possible Future tomy figures:
1 to 5 on how likely i think they are and are my opinions.
I am curious what you all think to
-Diggersby: This pokemon was always a shoking evolution to me but I'm not sure how theyre make the arms on its head. Id say it has a 2 of 5 likeliness
- Spewpa: The other 2 forms have already gotten one but Iwas wondering if they would come back to making this one. Spewpa is an easier making figurine tomake and is a pokeball in smash bros. I'd say 3 out of 5.
- Floette: This one was an amazing looking evolution I saw and was one I was hoping would be strong to use. Also kaz's floette has a big importance in the game. Id say 4 out of 5
-Florges: One of the stronger fairy types that has a big looking appearance. It might be too big to make as one but Id say that it has a 3 out of 5 chance.
-Skiddo: One of the cuter pokemon and a very goodgrass pokemon. Gogoat got one fast ago and I am shocked it has not gotten a figure yet. I'd say 5 of of 5 chance
-Furfrou: I have been wanting for this one and I'm kinda worried that it hasnt been made yet. Id say it has a 3 out of 5 chance but I'm hopeful for it.
- Espurr: The eyes on this one say it all, its prettycute still. Id say 3of 5 chance
-Doublade: Im not sure how they will make this but i fel it would have promise. is day 2 of 5 chance
- Aegislash: I must have, and needs a tomy figure. 5 of 5 chance
-Aromatisse: I wasnt too sure about this one but id say 3 of five
-Swirlix: I have been waiting and say i place that said the tomy of it was discontinued. so id say 0 of 5.
- Slurpuff: I feel this pokemon has a good chance since it has a sweet looking appearance and easy shape to make. 4 out of 5
- Malamar: PLEASE! This one I really want and thinks could be easily made 5 of 5
- Binacle: The 2 heads on it make me fee like it will not get one sadly. Id say 1 of 5 chance
- Barbaracle: I definately hope so and it looks like a tomy figure would be a big chance. 5 of 5
- Skrelp/Clauncher: Twowater pokemon that need a figure. 4 of 5 since only one might get one
- Dragalge/Clawlitzer: same as pre evolutions
-  Helioptile: I love how this guy looksand the frills look great. 4 of 5 chance
- Tyrantrum/Aurorus: Loveboth of these fossils and i think they have a big chance. 4 of 5 chance
- Sliggoo: One fo the cooler looking dragons ever and i like the look but the backof it might make it be a 3 of 5
- Goodra: A must have 5 of 5
-  Phantump: One of my fave ghost pokemon ever now. id say 4 of 5
- trevenant: Another must have 5 of 5
- Pumpkaboo: I like how it is like but the pumpkin shape might be tought to make 2 of 5
- Gourgeist: I think the look could be made but it would have to have a stand 3 of 5
- Bergmite: I like the look but i do not think they will make it due to the icicleshapes on top 1 of 5
- Avalugg: I like the sturdy look and it would make a nice figurine. 3 of 5
- Noibat: When skiddo gets one, this one needs one next. 3 of 5 though since im not sure if they will make it due to the fact that it will need to stand up
There are also a handfull of tomy figures i wish would have gotten one like gabite did
#1 Scrafty/ Tangrowth
#2: Eelektross/Sesimitoad
#3: Claydol/Sableye
#4: Seviper/ Walrein
#5: Honchkrow/ Bisharp

Also was wondering if anyone had any of these tomy figures for sale:
- Granbull
- Mantine
- Spewpa
- Flabebe
- Pangoro
- Honedge
- Meowstic
- Tyrunt
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