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50% off Super Sale!!!

Hey lovelies! Hope finals week or whatever you have to do is going well. Long story short, money I thought I was getting in a couple of weeks is not coming until next April (yay research grant money). So, I need some money and have decided to slash prices on the stuff I have for sale. Some of the stuff includes $1 clear kids, 50 cent kids, $2 tomys and more. Please feel free to haggle, as long as its not super lowball, I will probably take it. Like I said, I want this stuff gone!

As for trades, I am always looking for the feraligatr minicot. I have also started to collect poliwhirl stuff, especially older japanese items, so if you have anything and you want to trade, let me know. :)

I received sales permission on November 6, 2014 from entirelycliched and my feedback is right here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/a_flockofmarins/

1. I accept paypal only
2. I do ship internationally
3. I will ship as fast as I can and will let you know when an item is shipped. I am in college and am quite busy but I will ship once a week at the bare minimum.
4. Tracking and insurance on packages are $1 each, unless you spend $15 or more, than they are free. Packages have to reach a certain weight to get tracking automatically, and a lot of the items for sale are very lightweight. However, it Is quite possible to get free tracking depending on what you bought; I will let you know when I give you a quote.
5. Someone who commits to the item gets priority over asking for a quote.
6. I have no problem with haggling, but know that I might say no or (more likely) counter offer. :) The more items you buy, the more willing I am to take a lower price.
7. I do accept trades
8. Items come from a smoke free home
9. I ship from Missouri, USA
10. I will hold items for up to 2 days
11. Payment must be sent in 2 days of committing to buy

OBO= or best offer, if you want to make an offer, go for it.
Please ask any questions! I want you to be happy with your purchase.

Pokemon Kids- a note about the kids, I ordered these off of noppin and thought they were in better condition, most are fine but some have paint chips and scuffs. Please, if you want one and have any concerns about conditions, let me know and I will provide a detailed description of its condition. If you don't ask, I will assume that you are fine with the condition its in.

$2 each

Clear Kids $1 each, Sold: Eevee, omanyte, sandshrew

Regular Kids 50 cents each Sold: Porygon, ditto, sandslash, scyther, growlithe, pidgeot


I love marine plush, brand new with tags. Lapras and Mantine: $10, Shellos $5 each

Old school hasbro plush $2 each Sold: Eevee

Hasbro plush $1 each

Hasbro treat keepers 50 cents each


Tomy figures $2 each Sold: Scyther

Vinyl Dx figures $5 each, these have some scuffs on them, will send pics if requested

Random Figures $1 each, Sold: Reshiram, cubone keychain

Freebies! Sold:Ditto, charmander, noctowl
Tags: kids, plush, sales, tomy
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