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3 gets, 2 collection updates and one, single want!

Hi everyone!

I hope that as the holiday season unfolds, you are spending time with your loved ones ^-^

There's quite a bit of stuff here, so I put everything under cuts!

As a little gets teaser:

"Hmm... I wonder what's inside?"

All the stuff I ordered from the awesome creampuffoholic finally arrived! ^-^
It actually arrived earlier, but there was some confusion. Turns out it was in the umbrella basket right outside the door lol

These cuties arrived, all perfectly bubble-wrapped!

Oh mer gawsh. You have no idea how happy I was when I saw that she was for sale! >v<
She's just sooooo cute! She's so cute that after taking the pic of her with my collection I had to keep her by my bedside XDDDDD
I've been looking for a really cute Togekiss plush ever since she became a fairy <3 FAIRIES!
She's squishy, but well stuffed. And her tail is so perfectly flimsy ohohohoho

I also got a new 'min family member! ^-^
I think I might try looking for a land forme kid in the future, but for now... I'll bask in the cuteness of the sky forme one!

The Happy Party Time charms are just something I've been meaning to get my paws on ever since it came out! I might take them out, they go really well with this charm bracelet I got for my birthday a few months ago~~  ^-^

Thank you very much for reading! but remember there are still more cuts lol :P

I'm just gonna warn you the next cut is preeeetty big. Just saying.

If you've seen my previous post, you'd know about my little Shaymin collection! ^-^
Well, I was finally able to make time to organize all my fairy type things!
I didn't actually realize I had so much XD I just put everything together and this... happened.

I didn't actually know I had so much fairy stuff ^-^; I kinda went on a fairy shopping craze when I was in Japan much to my guy friend's dismay and this kinda happened XD


From left to right, top ((displayed leaning on the shelf)):
Diancie Battrio ((got it at the new movie)), Pokebox Sylveon phone strap, Sylveon embroidered keychain, fairy focus scrunchie, Swirlix and Fennekin PitaPoké, Xerneas choco egg figure, Xerneas clipping figure, custom decoden iPhone 4 case by pennypantsdecoden (Etsy), Whimsicott fairy ippai, Gardevoir fairy ippai, Dedenne fairy ippai, Sylveon fairy ippai.

The corner of Sylveon. <3
From left to right, top to bottom ((not including the items listed in previous picture)):
Sylveon 2013 Tomy plush ((best birthday present <3)), Sylveon "Gather Eevee Friends" figure, Sylveon zukan, Sylveon clipping figure, Sylveon moncollé figure, Sylveon talking palm figure, Sylveon "Moon Force/Moonblast" attack kid, Happy Party Time charms, Sylveon "Moon Force/Moonblast" attack kid sticker

((There's also a Sylveon "Eevee" ippai next to the palm figure, you can probably see its ears sticking out XD

Ah yes, If you were wondering, the moon and star clip/pin near the Tomy Sylveon plush was purchased at Harajuku. It's not a Pokémon item, but I think it looks good there XD

((Bigger picture of the figures below))

unnamed copy
In the back, you can see the little Japanese Sylveon pokédoll, sitting on its adorable tag. okay you probably can't see the tag unless you have x-ray vision.
Behind that, the Sylveon school promotion pencil case just kinda... sits there.
And again the clip/pin ohohohohohoho

And finally, Togekiss which is currently next to my bed sits next to my copy of Pokémon X.

Phew! That was a lot of typing. And picture editing. And other stuff.
But wait! There's more!
Just a quick pic of my updated Shaymin collection. Don't worry. Everything will be okay. You won't be subjected to my collection pic torment much longer XD

New family member! Yay!

Thanks for reading! I promise that this is the longest cut, and the next cut will only have one picture, if you choose to open it XD

Hi guys!
If you opened up my previous super cluttered post and saw my fairy focus scrunchie... I'm looking for this fairy focus tote bag.

Source: an old eBay post I watched some time ago

I'm really, really hoping to find one for around $33CAD shipped to Canada ((BC)). If you have one and if you are willing to sell one ((I might be able to pay a little more, but I can't promise anything because I'm still in high school)), please comment and let me know!

Thank you so much everyone!

TL;DR - the title. If you have the fairy focus tote bag and you are looking to sell it, please open the cut directly above!

Thank you for reading!

Wishing you a great holiday season,

Tags: custom, dedenne, diancie, eevee, fennekin, gardevoir, pikachu, pokedoll, pokemon center, shaymin, swirlix, sylveon, togekiss, wanted, whimsicott, xerneas
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