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Mewtwo Needs A Home

The offer period has ended. Thank you, Everyone! I'm sure that Mewtwo will be very happy in his new home. :D

Hey Everyone!

Today I bring you a sale-ish post, so as per pkmncollectors rules, I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014, and my community feedback can be found here.

So my friend was cleaning out her garage when she came across this little guy:
2005 Banpresto DX UFO Catcher Prize Mewtwo! :3

She used to sleep with this guy when she was younger (insisting that he could use his psychic powers to keep the Boogey Man away), but now that she's older, she really has no need for him. Originally, she was going to throw him away due to the fact that he is old and browning in a few places, but I insisted that someone here on the community would probably be willing to take him despite his condition. X)

So... Would anyone like to prove me correct and make an offer for him? :D

More pics of him from different angles:
Doesn't he look like he's making a sad face in the last two pictures? Please don't let him be sad and homeless! D:

He has no hang tag, just tush tag. He's got multiple little brown spots on the back of his head and a small brown spot on his nose. I'm assuming it's dirt. Although it doesn't seem to come off when I wipe him down with a damp cloth (but I just used water, so I don't know if a little soap is all he needs). He has a bit of a smell (probably from being in storage for so long). I aired him out a bit, but if you place your nose directly on him, he does have a bit of a musty smell. Honestly, I think he just needs a quick bath and more airing out and he should be as good as new. :)

As per suggestion, here are some close-up images of the brown spots. Click on the images to see larger versions:

I have seen this guy on sale used on ebay for around $80+, so I'm thinking that I will start the offers at $40. Does that seem reasonable? Unfortunately, I do not offer international shipping (because it is way too expensive), so U.S. buyers only please. :3

I will accept offers until midnight HST on Monday, December 15th. (Sorry, I don't know how to do a timer thing).

Also, I updated my sales post with more multi-item lots and more plushies, so feel free to check that out as well:
ck's pokemon sales 500

Thank you so much, guys! Hope Mewtwo will find a good home. :3

EDIT: I received suggestions to lower Mewtwo's price because he is not as in demand and his "damages" aren't worth the $40 price, so his new starting offer price will be $10. :) If he is not claimed within the allotted time, I may try cleaning him off to make him more saleable since that seems to be a concern for most people. I'll also try to add close-up pics of the spots later, but it is pretty hard to get on camera.
EDIT: Pictures of the spots are up.
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