baron von kellogs (kefanii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
baron von kellogs

apologies ;A;

I'd like to apologize to everybody on the comm who bought from my last sales post/was a member of the bootie kids group auction. It took me way too long to get your items shipped out and I'm very sorry it got to this point! @_@ I almost always get items out within the week but it's been almost two for most of the people from my sales post and I'm really sorry. Won't happen again, guys! I've just... had one of those months, y'know? One of those months.

Everyone waiting for stuff from me should receive it within the week, I hope. bugbyte you're the only one I didn't get out today, 'cause I didn't have the right size box, but it'll be on the way tomorrow. tortoises, 'Reeps are going your way! Sorry, you've had the longest wait of all.

...To keep this post from being totally useless, I have an Attack Jolteon kid for sale if anyone is interested, $10.
Tags: info, jolteon, sales
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