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I CAN'T. I LITERALLY CAN'T. I haven't browsed noppin at all lately, or really been interested in collecting. Not from lack of interest or anything, but mainly because I am slowly becoming a broke college student XD
But okay, I've been working and I got a bit of money so I decided to browse around...
and I found it. I finally found it ; u;


YEEEEES. THE TIN IS MINE. Won without a bid war or anything ; u; The auction like JUST ended so it'll be a while before it's proudly on my shelf but I really just can't hold my excitement!! Right after I saw it, I made a noppin account on the spot XD
So I've been doing a lot more shopping...or rather, watchlisting because I don't want to be REALLY broke XD
Anyway, I've found a few more things for my collections for fairly cheap! But I'm worried I might be underestimating fees and such from using a middleman service and would like to confirm a couple things! :3
So for example, I found an item with a BIN of 200Y, and in the description the seller said shipping would be 300Y, which is great! Super cool item for 500Y right? But I also know fees and such could add on another 2-400Y? Would that be an okay estimate or am I underestimating? D: Sorry if this is a confusing/weird question I'm just really excited about obtaining a HUGE grail!!
Thanks guys!! ^^
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