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omega update part 2!

Part 2 of my Primal/Groudon update! I still have a few things coming from amiami (kid figure, deck boxes/etc) but I finally set up my new shelf so I wanted to do the second part of my update. part one.

First get - MPC! IT'S SO TINY AND CUTE. well they did the flat head and claws like the original pokemon center plush, i am quite happy with this little guy (especially the head shape!) so that's okay with me *^*

Preorder bonuses - I believe the screen cleaner is from amazon.jp. I really love the figure, it definitely really says 'kaiyado'

his other currently released figures (and figure ds strap) - including the hyper sized tomy and his tomy arts figure (which i think is a pose figure? it's nice though!) I think i am just missing the kid figure now.

some amiami gets - Groudon got a whole TON of 3ds accessories, this is not even like half of what he got. i hope that the US gets a release of the new 3ds soon so i can use the cover plates!

another pokevault order - believe it or not these are my first clearfiles of Groudon! the only other one i know of is the Groudon type file, I have not seen any others of him before. i really, really love that Hoenn starter file.

i found this awesome statonary set on rakuten and i had to have it! it came with a sketch book, clearfile, pencil board, stickers, pencils, pencil tin, and erasers! i actually wish i could use it all. ;u;

i got this from toywiz! i really loved everything that came with it and have some of it in my collection as well. the artwork is really nice. *^*

old school get - i won this from haepbrosonearth - it had my baby on it so i needed it! *^*

finally - some custom gets! i love those little fatty babies!!!

I also finally set up my new shelf, i might reorganize it when i get more stuff but i am happy with it!

click for big!


I updated my website too - for those interested in primal groudon merch i have a new section dedicated to his merch photos.

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