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Pokemon Sales & Auction - mostly flats!

Hiya! I have some that are not part of my collection that I would like to offer to the community. Some are straight sales while other rare items will be up for auctions!

Feedback: link
Sales permission: granted in 2007
I accept payments by Paypal only.

*I ship from Canada
*Prices in US Dollars.
*Prices do not include shipping.
*I will hold items for 24 hrs, but please don't put things on hold unless you intend to buy them.
*I reserve the right to not sell to you for any reasons such as rudeness to me or other members, bad feedbacks, etc.
*PP fees will be added upon checkout.

*Please leave a comment with your country for shipping quotes!

Eeveelution and Pikachu stickers: $12
Pokemon TIme puffy stickers: $12

Arceus stickers (each pack contains two sheets - transparent and flat colors)
$5 each

Keldeo stickers: $5
Kyurem and forms stickers: $5
Buy both for $8!

Pink stickers: $5 each
Buy both for $8!

Both volumes for $8

My very last batch of PokeCen stickers!
All are $6 each. Receive $0.50 off each additional sticker sheet you buy!

Pokemon Cafe postcards (2 kinds of postcards per pack) These are the 1st

Here's what the front looks like for both packs
$5 each

Zoroark: Master of Illusions DVD: $13

Super Smash Bros 3DS (opened): $30


Sylveon mascot plush: starts at $25

Rare PokeCen papercraft : starts at $15

The tree is perforated so you have to carefully tear it out. On the bottom are stickers, which I presume you use to decorate the tree with. Yes, those are Pokedolls stickers!

Here's another piece. I believe this is the stand for the tree.

Rare PokeCen Pokemon XY trainers stickers

Male trainer, female trainer and professor stickers starts at $7
In-game trainers starts at $5

Auction ends noon, Pacific Time, this Friday.

Here's a countdown: LINK
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