Sami (__sasami__) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ordering for Christmas

Hi, everyone! First off, almost everyone should have gotten their packages by now unless you're international (international stuff was mailed today) or if your stuff required a box (that stuff went out a couple days ago).

Second, I lowered some prices here and there, just trying to clear stuff out :).

Third, the next couple of days are your last chance for arrival before Christmas! Anything paid for in the next few days will be shipped within 24 hours (US orders only, sorry, international stuff will go out Saturday or Monday in most cases) to increase the chance of it getting there in time. As always, I will add tracking info on PayPal. So if you're doing any last minute Christmas shopping, check it out! :) I have plush, figures, lottery stuff, stickers, tazos, etc. A little bit of everything, really.

Sales preview:


Sales are here:
Tags: banpresto, dragonite, eevee, figures, kids, plush, pokecen, pokemon center, sales, tomy, zukan
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