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Gastly Applause Plush Offers and Lanturn TOMY Authenticity

Good evening comm!

First things first, my boyfriend bought a lot of Pokémon items for Christmas. He's wrapped up whatever it was that he wanted the lot for (ahhhh), and just gave the rest to me now. ;U; Everything looks good but I am unsure about this Lanturn, is he real? He looks good but he seems a little too 'dull' to me, and has huge gaps in his joints.

Now Gastly! I bought this little guy from a lot along with a Lickitung, 'cause I thought they were pretty adorable. But now he's here I'm just... not attached to him? Idk. I did some research and realised he is quite hard to come by, so I figured I'd let him find a home that will appreciate him more than I will!

Sales permission granted by Allinia last year, feedback is here:
Offers start at $15 and will run until December 24th, 23:59 GMT. (If you can't pay until after Christmas that's totally fine, just let me know ahead of time!)
Shipping is from the UK, and starts at $5.50 internationally for untracked.

He is in good condition, his eyes are perfect and his fabric is clean and soft. His cloud is quite wrinkly, but it's in good condition and has no splits. He has no tush tag. If you'd like any more shots of him, let me know!
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