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Some odd wants

Hello everyone, my first ever wants post! And it's kind of an odd one. Rather than plush or the usual fare, I'm having a hard time tracking down and even pricing some Pokemon merch I've been looking for. Any help is appreciated!

So first off is a TCG binder from 1999, a very popular one that you've likely seen before.

Mine was pretty banged up from my childhood, but recently the metal rings inside have broken and I can no longer keep my cards in there. All other Pokemon binders seem to be really thin, really small, or just not as big and strong, so I'd love to stick with this good old binder.

Despite seeming to be well known though I can't really find a price on this binder - there's one on Ebay but it comes with a bunch of cards which makes the price skewed. It doesn't have to be perfect condition, my own had a bunch of scrapes, I just want it to be intact enough and for the metal rings to be still stable.

Second want, and this is a really odd one.

This one I'm kinda searching more for info on. The CD is explained in full on Bulbapedia, so I'll just call it Perfect Best. It's a big huge childhood memory feels trip for me thinking about it. Long story short a friend of mine had a traveling dad who brought this CD back from Japan for her birthday and she let me burn the tracks - it was my first taste of Japanese music, two of my only CDs, and I memorized all the songs just by listening to them over and over. I would love to have this piece of childhood myself.

I can only really find this CD on Y!J, and I'm really looking for it to have all of it's inserts and to be in good condition. I thiiiink one on there has everything, but it's pretty beat up. Has anyone else searched for this CD? I'm just curious how often all the inserts are actually present, even if they're beat up. I'd rather not pay the 9000 Yen on for a new copy really. And does anyone here ever have it or am I pretty much stuck looking at Y!J?

Final want is a simple, normal one. XD Does anyone have the Mega Mawile Kid? I know they're on Ebay but I'd like to see if anyone here has it that's selling it cheaper or if they have other Kids/items for sale that I could bundle it with to make the shipping more worth it.

Thanks everyone for looking! Any help is appreciated!

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