yardsalecouch (yardsalecouch) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants! + reminder [COMPLETED]

I'm looking for a Butterfree kid figure and a "dancing" Tyranitar figure!
kid 2
kid 1

I also do custom art if you'd like to trade for that instead! However that'd only be for both. Here are a few samples:
Dunsparce colorCelestia_20Color_original
I'm looking for good condition figures please ovo If you have either of them in a sales post or want to trade, please pm me with your link!
AND REMINDER! Still looking for two (or one) more person to claim the last two slots for the Christmas diorama GB!

group buy
Jynx and Marill are available for grabs so if you're interested,please go the the main GB post for the details: link
Tags: wanted, wants
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