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Multi-purpose post! ISO, Sales, & Mega Stone Patches

Hi! To cut to the chase, I'm looking to trade or partial trade any of my below wares for a My Pokemon Collection Fletchinder plush or a Pokemon Center Mega Charizard X plush! I'd prefer if Fletchinder had its tags.

That aside, I restructured my sales and now have a permanent sales post for everything, including plushies, zukan, and more! I also put most of my figures into a lot on eBay (US shipping only).

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of time!
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

Finally, I'm continuing to offer made-to-order Mega Stone embroidered patches and will make any Mega Stone from X/Y/OR/AS! They measure roughly 3"x 3" (7.5 x 7.5 cm) and have an iron on adhesive backing so they can be attached to clothing, bags, and more. :D I can even combine them with sales post items. Ordering info is under the cut!

  • Prices are $5.00 per patch and shipping for up to four patches in a white letter envelope will be $2.00. If you wish to order more than 4 or ship with a different type of packaging, please let me know and I will provide an alternate shipping quote.

  • I will make patches of any official Mega Stone!

  • If I don't have a perfectly matching color, then I will use the closest color available.

  • Please allow up to 1 week turnaround time! These patches take a while to process and sometimes printing errors will happen, thus delaying the process further. If I expect to take more time than is estimated, I will let you know!

  • At the moment, there's no limit to the amount you can order!

  • All sales guidelines above apply!


Thanks for looking!
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