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Tsumutsumu Pikachu & Snorlax! + Holiday sales still going~

Hi guys :D

I'll see about auctioning off the Fuzzy figures from my previous post possibly in January, but also might be pushed off another month depending on how busy I get irl XD;;

Tsumutsumu Pikachu and Snorlax
Makers: Ensky
Tsumutsumu essentially means "stacking", and these figures are advertised as being super cute to stack:

The boxes arrive! Japan why must you make your boxes so nice it makes me not want to pitch them, even though I just want the figures mmth

Backsides with lots of fun stacking examples

Variety display

And well, I spent a good half hour trying to stack the figures like they do in the examples, and in the end just about everything collapsed =_=;; This was pretty much the best I could do:

I guess you have to be an expert at balancing objects, but I was hoping since the series is CALLED tsumutsumu that the figures would be more stack friendly. However, they aren't... Especially the Pikachu, the thunderbolts don't coordinate with the figures whatsoever and I felt like they could have been more creatively planned. The Snorlax stacks a little easier, and I love the berry rings, but mannn they are hard to stack.

Still, so cute. XD;

Did some various comparisons with my other Pikachu figures. The top left figure is a keychain figure, the bottom middle figure is a mystery figure... (anyone identify please? XD)

The tsumutsumu blend in pretty well with my other piles of Pikachus! (and these aren't all of them lol)

The tsumutsumu on the left, Takara Tomy Arts figure on the right, the subtle differences are pretty interesting.

In general, I prefer the matte finish on the TOMY figures (the recent ones) over Ensky's make, but the tsumutsumu figures are still a pretty good value for the price (~$20 for the set + shipping). I just really wish the figures were more stackable since I wanted to bring them to work and play around them, but since their balance is terrible and they fall over easily, I don't think I'll be bringing them in anymore :\

...Even so, I ended up ordering the Kirby tsumutsumu too now.. xD; Ack

Lastly, I just wanted to show off some various tins and containers xD; They are all quite busy and full of many of the Pokemon I personally collect <3 ~

(Unfortunately one of the containers in the back is covered in Spongebob stickers that are really difficult to take off... the blasphemy...! One of these days I might get enough time to clean them off, but for now...)


Sales once again has various updates! Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Holiday season is still on so I'm giving out various surprise goodies to all FLAT-RATE shipments as long as stuff fits~ :D (sorry not really doable for non-flat-rate since it affects weight). Holiday cheers!!
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