noibatcutie (noibatcutie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Rare Coin GB?

Hello everyone! In my search on noppin for more rare Milotic items I stumbled across a double edged sword...


MIP, super rare coins form 2004 ; -; And I do believe I see my beautiful water dragon's silhouette on the list! However, the chances of pulling a Milotic coin would be 1/48, and even just to try and get her would be really expensive and might not even hold the one I want :(
So! I turn to my trusty pkmncollector companions for assistance!
When the XY metal coin/figures came out someone hosted a GB in a way that really worked out for everyone! I can't for the life of me remember how it worked, but it was a way for everyone to participate for a chance to get the one they wanted - since it was randomized and there was no guarantee. So I was hoping that a similar idea could be used to run a GB for these gorgeous MIP coins :D
If anyone would like to help organize this that'd be great! I only have one picture of these Milotic coins and they are utterly gorgeous @ -@ They are really cool collection pieces! :D
Since I now have the wonderful combination of noppin/sales permission I would do the purchasing/bidding ^^ Just need someone to help organize everything so everyone can (hopefully) get what they want! ^^
Thanks everyone! :D
(Also done with my first Finals week - got 3 As and a B+!! :D)

EDIT: Upon doing some research, I found that these are actually double sided coins, the top and bottom pictures are different sides of the same coin. Chances for getting the coin you want would be raised a bit to 1/24, dunno if that changes anything but just wanted to get out more info about these beautiful pieces! :D
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