kyogres (kyogres) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: Kyogre Steelbook

Is everyone enjoying the waves of ORAS merch? I'm super excited about all the Kyogre merch that was/is getting released even if my wallet isn't. I will be making an exciting collection update soon; just waiting for a few more Kyogre items to arrive first. In the meantime...

I'm looking for the Kyogre steelbook that was released in Europe. I would prefer to buy just the steelbook and not the game itself.. but if you don't want to separate the steelbook and the game, comment anyway and maybe we can work something out.


Also, random question: Are there any sites that sell complete sets of the gachapon machine items? Specifically, I'm looking for the metal figure set with Kyogre (which had a December release iirc) and the eraser set with Bulbasaur.
Tags: bulbasaur, kyogre, wanted
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