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Super excited collection get!!

Work this week was tough. Very exausting, mentally and physically for me. We were super busy almost every day, but that's good when you work in a Humane Society. We've well exceeded our goal of 100 adoptions before Dec 31st as we're currently at 126 if I remember correctly. I am glad to have the next two days off though.

Anywho, came home today to no package again... or so I thought. Here my parents hadn't checked the mail at all. Once actually checked, there was a teensy little box to be found. I knew one of the things inside, but sort of forgot what all else I had gotten.

Tis my box from the GA I bought a few things from a bit ago. I opened it to find a little message from the hosts aarux and captainangel. (Thanks by the way!)

Oh.. oh god.. Reshiram.. what happened to yo- oh. There they are. Phew. I had pulled him out wondering where his wings were before relizing they were safely tucked away next to the bubble wrap there. I slowly picked through unwrapping my goodies, but saved the best for last.

And here it is!
While it may not be in perfect condition, I am still in amazement that I actually now officially own one. I plan to try and fix it up the best I can and hopefully make it less noticeable. The ribbons could use a nice new coat of paint as it seems they are gray on the underside.

The detail is absolutely amazing! While the right foot is a bit unporportional when viewed from the backside, from the frontside it looks fine. I also took a closer up picture of the face to show the minor details in it. It's just gorgeous.
I am so happy I was able to get one. While it wasn't my grail, it was probably my realistic grail as my real grail is the Giant PC Suicune plush.

And here's everything that was in the box. The Luxray line Zukan was smaller than I had thought it was going to be. Shinx is so tiny! I do really like the Zukans because it's neat to see just how big Pokemon really are compared to one another.


With that, here is an updated Suicune collection shot! I've run out of room.. but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop.

To see pictures of most of my collections, and the hoard that is my computer desk, check out my post here: http://leashedragon.livejournal.com/853.html
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