Ritzy (iridescentfox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Auction, anyone?

The Pichu is the only one I want and I'd be willing to go between $15-20 for it. :3 All others are up for grabs! All are plush except Jigglypuff and Bellossom which I believe are the larger PVC Tomy figures. No tags; Smoke free home.

Final shipping will be from the US
Bidding will end 22th of October at 8pm EST (-5GMT).
Please bid as a reply to the comment above you in at least $1 increments.
PayPal ONLY. Sorry.
I have the right to deny your bid/participation in this auction.

Pichu: Claimed
Pikachu (1/1): $30 - goku_the_saru
Treecko: $5 - NO BIDS
Torchic: $5 - NO BIDS
Pikachu (small): $3 - No BIDS
Mudkip: $6 - mizu_rei
Jigglypuff: $2 - NO BIDS
Bellossom: $5 - happyjolteon
Tags: group auction
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