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Shipping Update, Collection Update, Other Update, etc.

I have most everyone's things packed at the moment. Before I ship them out on Monday, some people might be getting an e-mail from me asking about whether the address needs to change. If you know I owe you something, please feel free to send me an e-mail to bscyther at hotmail dot com with your lj username/paypal address and the address you want your package shipped to. It isn't necessary if you want it shipped to wherever you asked in your original Paypal invoice, though. ^^

Also! I like 4koma Pokémon manga. Anyone else here feel the same way? Because if you don't know, check out the cut for some of the awesome panels from my small collection and become a fan yourself:

How can you not like adorably chibi Ivysaur? It is so beyond cute.

Venonat is dismayed at its lack of cool merchandise.

Who needs Pokémon fanfiction when we have 4koma artists to do the imagining for us?

Marowak is angry. Super-seriously.

Scyther versus Kabutops?! YAY!

There are just no words for how awesome this is.

I don't even think this one needs a comment.

-And you wondered why Machoke wears a weird Speedo thing.

And where else would you ever find a Ditto-dos?

Hey, remember how awesome it was to fight Snorlax while it used nothing but Rest? Wait.

This is my 4koma manga collection (aside from the Quiz book). I am also very much willing to help scanlate this thing, if'n anybody wants to volunteer for translating it. Sitting at the computer doesn't require much effort so it's something constructive I can do to help the community read some funny junk by random different manga artists. Also, I have very much missed my graphics programs and manga over the summer and am finally feeling up to some extended computer time.

Would anyone be at all interested in translating this thing with me? No rush or time restraints, just here and there. Even just bits like "chapters" at a time would be nice. If there's no interest, I still might be posting raws up gradually.

I got to update on my Scyther collection at themantisarmy today also. I've added a few cards, figures, a DVD, a new plush picture, and full pics of all the pieces of the Purakoro dice game everyone seems to be keeping an eye out for.

Here's the instructions (in comic form) that come with those dice games, and the C Pose Scyther. Maybe the pics will help people decide whether they want to buy the ones mentioned as an auction earlier.
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