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Plush lot, shipping update, and question!

All right, this lot contains:


Plush (9)
~ Hasbro Pikachu plush in excellent condition, but no tags of any sort.
~ Older Japanese Pikachu plush. Missing his nose mysteriously, otherwise mint with tags! Very old and rare, and all he needs is ten seconds of Sharpie to fix his nose problem.
~ Hasbro Torchic plush. Has a smudge on her beak that a little wash could probably solve. :3 She's very soft and clean otherwise!
~ Hasbro Corphish plush. Used but very clean and excellent condition.
~ Talking Pikachu plush. Definitely loved, could use some TLC to fix him up.
~ 10" Charmander plush. Loved but in good condition and very soft.
~ Two old US-released Pikachu plush. Loved but quite soft and huggable!
~ 1997 Japanese Blastoise plush. First Blastoise plush ever released, and this guy is in completely MINT condition with all tags!
~ Hasbro Chikorita plush. Used but clean and soft!

Zukan (4) (All mint condition or new.)

~ Rhyhorn/Rhydon
~ Exeggcute/Exeggutor
~ Gligar/Gliscor
~ Sunkern/Sunflora

Battle Museum Figures (7) (All new in bags!)

~ Slowpoke (Clear)
~ Chansey
~ Blissey
~ Bellsprout (With a funny expression on its face.)
~ Pineco
~ Hitmontop
~ Graveler

Misc Figures/Kids (9)

~ Eevee kids
~ Happiny kids
~ Hitmonlee Burger King Keychain
~ Kabuto Burger King Squirter
~ Clefairy Lollipop Holder
~ Claydol Pencil Topper
~ Vigoroth Pencil Topper
~ Slaking Pencil Topper
~ Raichu TOMY (with a mark on the back of his head)

This is a huge start to a collection or a great sales opportunity for anyone who might want to resell (or keep some, resell others, and so on). It will cost $13 to ship within the US and you will have to pay Paypal fees on top of whatever offer you make, but I am accepting offers on this big lot! All you do is post what you'd be willing to pay for it (not including shipping and Paypal fees) and I will either accept or decline. If I don't get any good offers in the next thirty-six hours or so I will be putting the lot on Ebay. But I'd much rather sell it to you good people. ♥ :3

I take Paypal ONLY and I hold for twenty-four hours if we've never done business and three days if we've done business before and I know you're reliable. I might do partial trades but the things I'm after tend to be rather elusive. ^^; I ship usually within a week, occasionally a little more than that. Let me know if you have any offers you want to make!

On another note, I still have around twelve packages that need to go out. I've been a little slow with shipping lately due to some bank difficulties and just plain being busy! I will be getting the rest of the packages out ASAP (this upcoming Monday at the absolute latest, though more likely in the next two days), though, and most if not all of the packages that were paid over a week ago have been shipped. Let me know if you bought something and you'd like me to hurry it up--I can certainly oblige. ♥ Also, please feel free to ask what the status of your package is if you're curious. :3 Thanks, and let me know if you any of you have questions/comments/concerns! Everyone is always welcome to drop me a comment or PM.

AAAND, FINALLY-- Has anyone else noticed the amount of activity on Pokémon items on Ebay recently? I swear, plush lots that would've sold for $10 six months ago are now going for $40-50 or more, there are more plush lots in general, there are bids on way more things than normal. It's not a bad thing or anything, but it's just surprised me to see how active Pokémon Ebay selling has been! Am I crazy, or has anyone else noticed this as well? And if you have, why? Is it just because the holiday season is kind of coming up, or is there another reason perhaps?

I'm just curious--I've noticed this over the last few weeks in particular and I just want to see what other people think. :)
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