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5 Months of Pokemon in one post

Geez, I haven't made a collection-oriented post since July ._. I have been commenting, but mostly lurking >_>
Anyways, hope you all have had a happy whatever-you-celebrate, if not, I hope the weather's not too bad? xD
So let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Umbreon (eBay), Snow-kin (Pokemoncenter website, gift from friend), Bunnelby (surprise from mom)

baby sylvie
Shiny Sylveon (made by me), Buizel (eBay), my big Fennekin with her new pal.

Clay normal Sylveon. I don't remember what kind of clay it's made out of (it's real clay, not polymer like usual) but it's painted with acrylics.

pika walllet
Got a Pika wallet, Pika will thunder shock any thief interested in stealing these coins.

my bag
I made a messenger bag out of two denim tote bags, and painted Eevee on the flap. (I think its eyes are a little wonky but shhh)

Now for my favourite parts...

I'm planning to make a quilt out of my favourite old fabrics, so I took the back of a shirt and painted my favourite Pokemon ^-^ He's always a bit grumpy.

blue fabricyellow fabricdblue fabric
And the coolest present ever... Pokemon fabric! I wasn't expecting this at all. That's why I started painting Eevee and Zorua, I didn't think I would be able to get actual Pokemon fabric because it's usually really really expensive. But I got the fabric I wanted! It's got Skorupi and Gliscor on it, and Gabite and Croagunk and you know the rest. The yellow piece is definitely going in the quilt, lol.

bui plus fab
Buizel seems to like it ^-^

That's all for now~
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